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Quoted directly from Pope Francis. Been saying this so long! An omnipotent being does not feel such negative human characteristics (rage, jealousy, spite, etc). Yes the Bible (and other Religious doctrines) have plenty historically accurate stories, but it is without doubt that many of the scriptures are fables meant to be used as a point of reference on how to live a particular lifestyle or to teach a life lesson, sprinkled in with misogynistic/racist/fear mongering verses to ensure supremacy for those who mass produced these doctrines and wished to keep control of their power …Condemning and judging others is as UnGodly as it gets. God made us in his/her image. Therefore we are all a part of God. Godliness lies within every Soul! Some of us just tune it out though…


Rest in Peace little Brother. This World never deserved you. I will long for the day I can join you in paradise. Forever in our hearts, prayers, and mind. Love you.

Thank you everyone for your love and support every step of the way. The tenacity the World, especially NYC, has shown in regards to finding Avonte and spreading awareness has been unmatched in comparison to any other Missing Child investigation. For that we are forever grateful to you.

Cause of death is still pending investigation, however please allow my family and I space and time to mourn Avonte. Bombarding us with questions and theories do not help. Furthermore, the answers to those questions/theories will not bring him back. We appreciate you all. Thank you for the prayers. God bless, and may Avonte rest in peace.

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